30 August 2021
As many as 460 radar images featured petroleum seeps in the Kerch Strait and pre-strait area over the 2017-2021 period
With growing economic activity in the Kerch Strait, significant hydraulic engineering changes took place, to be more precise, the Crimean bridge as well as the berthing facility of the Taman port were built and put into operation. Not to forget increasing intensity of shipping traffic, new inshore moorings in the Black Sea, transshipment of hazardous dry and liquid cargo through the Strait. It has significantly affected the hydrological and hydrobiological state of the Strait, as well as the aquatic ecosystem. As noted repeatedly, constant monitoring of the strait is essential.
14 July 2021
SCANEX Outsources Ground-based Satellite Telemetry Infrastructure
Norwegian Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) company, one of the world's leading satellite service providers with the most extensive network of ground stations in the world, has thanked SCANEX for the fruitful long-term cooperation in satellite data reception. Joint projects regarding Caspian Sea monitoring conducted over the years have proved high quality of SCANEX products and services at international level. The operator was able to offload its infrastructure and receive necessary ERS data. Last year SCANEX increased the delivered data volume at KSAT request adding images from NOAA and Suomi NPP satellites to those of Terra and Aqua/MODIS satellites.
05 July 2021
RSS Holding Purchased ScanEx Image Processor® Software
SCANEX has signed a license agreement with Russian Space Systems Holding for the full version of SIP software intended for photogrammetric and thematic processing of satellite images. SCANEX flagship software is on a par with the world's best similar products. SIP allows conducting advanced classification by means of self-organizing neural networks.
30 June 2021
First Time in Russia: Ground-based Station Received X-Band Data from CubeSat Satellite
For over two months, SCANEX ground-based station has been receiving data on X-band radio frequency (10.5 GHz) from the OrbiCraft-Zorkiy small satellite developed by SPUTNIX Company. The overall volume of received data exceeds 1 GB.
28 June 2021
ALROSA Company chooses SCANEX software!
ALROSA is a Russian state-owned mining and the world's leading diamond mining company that actively introduces remote sensing technologies. ALROSA experts will be using Scanex Image Processor®(SIP) software developed by SCANEX for post-processing satellite images.
24 June 2021
Forest State Will Be Evaluated Using ScanEx Image Processor® software
Roslesinforg, major Russian forest inventory organization, will be using ScanEx Image Processor® (SIP) software developed by SCANEX to conduct quantitative and qualitative evaluation of forest plantations, including measuring country`s carbon potential as part of the second phase of the State Forest Inventory project (SFI).
24 May 2021
Cloud Technologies and Neural Networks Are the Future of Remote Sensing Industry
The scientific conference «Сosmonautics of the XXI Century» dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of the Central Research Institute for Machine Building and space industry in general came to a close in Russia. Dmitry Lubnin, SCANEX software expert, delivered a presentation on «Automated Processing of Satellite Imagery Data Using Cloud Computing and Machine Learning Technologies».