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Geo-services are information resources that provide users with tools to work with geo-data; they exist in the form of independent products or plug-in services. The services are developed based on ready-made geographic information (GIS) and Web geographic information (Web-GIS) systems, thus providing for specific data usage scenarios and functionalities for their reception, storage, processing and analysis. Most often, geo-services address the issues of monitoring, modelling, planning and calculations based on spatial data.

A key feature of the geo-services developed by SCANEX is the integration of space methods for solving industry-specific problems and the powerful functionalities of the GeoMixer web platform. SCANEX geo-services successfully handle the challenges of regular space monitoring of environmental conditions, agricultural and forestry facilities, and emergency situations. The technology of their design allows the geo-services to function with enough flexibility as both independent software products and as part of major geo-information systems of our customers.

SCANEX geo-services available for use and integration:

  1. Fire Map is a public service designed for the detection and identification of possible fire bodies and fire-hazardous situations in the territory of Russia.
  2. KosmosAgro is an online service for maintaining a spatial database, the inventory and accounting of agricultural lands, and real-time monitoring of the results of agricultural activity.
  3. Online catalogue is an open geo-service for searching and ordering space images based on specific parameters, combining access to archival and real-time data from various satellite operators.
  4. Satellite AIS is an information service for the monitoring of navigation and marine environments based on AIS data.

SCANEX is a Google distributor and offers customers the Google Maps for Business geo-service: an API collection for creating unique applications based on Google maps in order to optimise decision-making and resource management, while also improving the quality of services.