An update of thematic spatial data

An update of thematic spatial data is the process of bringing the thematic component of spatial data in line with actual current conditions. In the cartographic industry, the update is aimed at the mostly basic spatial data - the geographic basis. In this case, there is also the clear problem of inventory, updating, and the thematic collection of spatial data needed for the thematic mapping industry.

SCANEX implements a variety of projects to mainstream thematic spatial data, both the overall geographic data and standard and industry-specific data. For example, the company quarterly updates the data for the forestry sector and in-farm data for the agricultural industry.

The customer's input data for updating can be transferred to the company's experts in virtually any format (either as vector or raster data, or fixup data). Also, the company works with maps presented in the printed form. In updating the spatial thematic data, SCANEX experts either use archival survey data (not older than three months) or conduct new surveys of the area of interest.

The update of thematic spatial data involves not only the update of contours (natural and man-made boundaries), but also of the attribute part of spatial information - the characteristics of the cartographic phenomenon. Thus, for example, information can be updated on the species composition of woody vegetation, types of cultivated crops or the characteristics of industrial facilities. When updating, SCANEX experts develop and approve a set of cartographic characteristics, together with the customer.

The outcome of the thematic spatial data update is the electronic vector mapping layer containing all the necessary attribute information.