SCANEX Released the New Version of Scanex Maritime 2.0

13 January 2021

The new Scanex Maritime 2.0 application that has been released combines state-of-the-art spatial data visualization technologies, access to a wide range of maritime geo-services and an updated user-friendly web design.

Throughout 2020, SCANEX specialists in close cooperation with the leading company clients that rely on the service were developing a fresh new version of the Scanex Maritime platform, which has been officially launched today. The new platform preserves the feature set of the previous version embracing all the available services (Scanex AIS, Scanex Ice, Meteo options, ShipRegister, etc.) while providing the new ones.

The main developments are:

·         brand new application platform featuring intuitive design and useful services;

·         messaging system between portal users, as well as technical support notifications;

·         modernized service for inserting widgets on the map, as well as text;

·         new data sources on ice condition, including ice thickness forecast based on ESA data every 6 hours for the period up to 5 days, as well as current ice thickness data based on Cryosat-2 and SMOS data, detailed ice concentration data based on AMSR-2 microwave radiometer and MODIS data;

·         new database featuring navigation areas with severe ice conditions for the winter period 2020-2021;

·         SCANEX maritime geo-services specifically adapted to a renewed application platform;

·         enhanced platform performance, as well as improved interface adaptation for small screen devices;

·         additional Editor application for advanced users designed to generate new content for Scanex Maritime 2.0 users;

·         embedded user manual for quick access to reference materials.

«The new interface ensures the continuity of user experience, and we hope that customers will be able to switch easily to the new version. Nevertheless, the former version working capacity will be fully preserved. We would like to remind you that SCANEX Group is always open to fruitful cooperation on Scanex Maritime service development, in particular, in terms of attracting new service and data providers», noted Timur Khaybrahmanov, Head of Thematic Design and Analytics Department at SCANEX.

Current Scanex Maritime customers will receive access details to the new platform version in January 2021.

The Scanex team will be further developing maritime services. In 2021, users will encounter new features, as well as new data layers.

The free trial version of Scanex Maritime is available for everyone. In order to get access, please send a free-form e-mail to services@scanex.ru stating the company name and contact details with the subject line «Демоверсия Scanex Maritime» (Scanex Maritime demo version).

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