«Earth from Space-2016»: welcome to the real-time monitoring section

24 August 2016
Earth from Space-2016

The Conference’s participants will discuss the practical application of advanced satellite technology in emergency situations, in the maritime navigation and in the marine environmental monitoring.

The Operational Monitoring Section will address several subject areas. In particular, the representatives of governmental agencies will share their practices of applying satellite data in emergency monitoring, control and response. The experts of research and commercial structures will demonstrate cutting edge methods and approaches to satellite imagery data and geoinformation systems (GIS) required for the forecast and prevention of natural and man-made disasters and for emergency impact assessment.

Marine Navigation Section will focus on recent approaches and technologies to efficiently assess ice condition of offshore areas, monitor position of ships, plan their routing in ice-bound conditions and control the safety of exploration and mining facilities in the Arctic shelf.

The leading experts in environmental marine monitoring will brief the audience on new technologies and demonstrate results of investigating offshore surfaces by means of satellite imagery data. These surveys aim to acquire timely and reliable information on ongoing offshore processes. Hence they provide a whole range of solutions to detect and identify oil slicks caused by vessel discharges, operation of oil wells, contaminated river runoffs and to search for involved ships and other sources of hydrocarbon contamination.

The VIIth «Earth from Space» International Conference organized by SCANEX Group and supported by «ROSCOSMOS» State Corporation for Space Activities.

Conference dates: December 1–2, 2016
Venue: Russia, Moscow, Marriott Grand Hotel, Tverskaya Street, 26/1
For all inquiries, please contact: conference@scanex.ru; +7 (495)739-73-85
Conference web-site: www.conference2016.scanex.ru

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