SCANEX Company has Presented Interim Results of Maritime Portal Project

11 December 2017
Web technologies

SCANEX has presented interim result of Maritime Portal, which is a part of MariNet National Technology Initiative (NTI), by means of a web-based demonstration.

SCANEX has been developing a portal of GIS data and services (briefly called «Maritime Portal» or «Scanex Maritime») since 2016. The Project is designed for three years and includes several checkpoints to assess its overall efficiency. During this latest demonstration the Project Team submitted their results for the recent half year to the Inspection Board. In particular, they reported on the following successful solutions:

  • Basic tools of the central Maritime Portal web-based platform, including its information section, news and web-store of marine services and products;
  • A multilingual version of the Portal, including English translations of all solutions;
  • A digital catalogue of the Global Ocean areas for the needs of marine environmental studies.
The demonstration of a mobile application for yachtmasters and watermen became one of the key events at the show. According to Timur Khaibrakhmanov, specialist project manager, this application had been created specifically for B2C audience aiming to receive timely and unbiased information on the sea condition. Users may apply it for navigation, mapping their own points of interest, search with preset parameters and access to a wide range of additional data layers, for instance, meteorological parameters, weather forecasts, sea confusion forecasts and many other purposes.

Several representatives of the NTI Project Office participated in the demonstration, as well as some members of the Inspection Board — Mourmansk Region Emercom Branch, «Rosmorport» federal state enterprise, Institute for Environmental Design and Studies of Lomonosov Moscow State University Marine Research Centre and other organizations.

Timur Khaibrakhmanov mentioned that representatives of governmental agencies and business participating in the demonstration had highly appreciated the Project’s progress. «Now the Project work continues, and new control activities have been planned for Spring 2018. The Project Team will submit to the Board some modules on monitoring ice condition and marine resources. All interested companies are welcome to participate in our Spring Show and discover all opportunities offered by the Portal!» — he said.

Scanex Maritime is a Russian web-based platform, which offers to its users some basic GIS products and e-navigation marine services built upon ERS data. In particular, they will get access to the following services: navigation control, productivity assessment of fishing areas, offshore environmental monitoring and many others. The Project is designed as a part of MariNet National Technology Initiative. It is supported by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and Russian Venture Company (RVC).

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