“Earth from Space – 2016”: Geoanalytics for Business and Society

04 October 2016
Earth from Space-2016

The Section of Geoanalytics is likely to become one of the most interesting activities at «Earth from Space - 2016» Conference. It will give us a glimpse into the world of geospatial analysis, big data and cutting-edge technologies.

The developers of popular mapping platforms participating in this Section, in particular, Google and Yandex search engine giants, will introduce their approaches to structuring and handling geospatial information and interactive maps intended to assist business and people with daily tasks.

International ERS operators will demonstrate the potential of satellite-based monitoring as a tool to analyze specifics and dynamics of natural and social phenomena and outline new methods and services related to data storage and real-time access to satellite imagery. For instance, representatives of DigitalGlobe Company will introduce new forms of presenting and processing spatial data and describe their benefits in assessing losses, transport needs and mapping areas affected by global anthropogenic or natural disasters. Leading integrators and young innovators in geonavigation, geoanalytics and consulting will share new approaches to analysis of geospatial data. In particular, SmartLoc will demonstrate how spatial data and models applied in geomarketing may help to define target audience for your project and optimize a product mix via example of shopping centers and hypermarkets. Also OpenWeatherMap experts will highlight the prospects for creating a large-scale market of intellectual satellite-based products.

In addition to guest presentations, SCANEX GIS specialists will share their experience and describe geoanalytical tools for environmental monitoring applications intended to analyze diverse spatial data.

We invite the state and business representatives, developers and integrators of public and corporate solutions and all interested parties. This Section will be a platform to discuss the potential of open-source bulk spatial information for creating unique products, finding insights and improving work and life quality.

The VIIth «Earth from Space» Conference will take place on December 1-2, 2016 in Moscow in Marriott Grand Hotel. The forum is organized by SCANEX Group and supported by «ROSCOSMOS» State Corporation for Space Activities

You are welcome to participate in the Conference as attendees or presenters!

Conference dates: December 1-2, 2016
Venue: Russia, Moscow, Marriott Grand Hotel, Tverskaya Street, 26/1
For all inquiries, please contact: conference@scanex.ru; +7 (495)739-73-85

Conference web-site: www.conference.scanex.ru

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