ALROSA Company chooses SCANEX software!

28 June 2021
ALROSA is a Russian state-owned mining and the world's leading diamond mining company that actively introduces remote sensing technologies. ALROSA experts will be using Scanex Image Processor®(SIP) software developed by SCANEX for post-processing satellite images.

Satellite imagery data serves as an invaluable information source for the mining industry since it contains data on deposits` status, engineering infrastructure state, geological structure of promising territories. Retrospective analysis of data shows the changes in the state of designated natural areas, as well as socio-economic facilities while also helping to assess the accumulated pollution of the territory, supervise contracting organizations and addressing other tasks.

The Russian government announced the policy of import substitution. As one of the adopted measures, government and state companies now have to switch to using Russian software. We have already covered the topic earlier. Said measure concerns, among others, software for satellite data processing. With many companies from various industries (e.g. agriculture, forestry, energy, mining and maritime industries) introducing satellite technologies into thier business processes, more and more industry-leading companies choose SIP software from SCANEX for processing imagery data. SIP supports the majority of modern remote sensing data formats and demonstrates high productivity levels while featuring a user-friendly and intuitive interface. The software is listed in the Unified Register of Russian Software (order of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media No 653 of December 14, 2016, registered on December 15, 2016, software registration number is 2390, see the link: https://reestr.minsvyaz.ru/reestr/96553).

Cooperation between SCANEX Group, one of the world leaders in remote sensing field, and ALROSA Company, world's leader in the diamond mining industry, will significantly contribute to the development of space technologies in the mining industry. In the near future satellite technologies may become the main tool for obtaining real-time and reliable data for accurate decision-making.

«We thank ALROSA for their trust and for choosing our product. We are on the threshold of a revolutionary transformation of business processes, many of them will be based on remote sensing technologies. In this regard, high-quality software for processing imagery data is essential since high-quality software ensures efficiency of satellite monitoring. We hope that the encouragement of the Russian Government to switch to domestic software will be heard in the Russian surveying companies. SCANEX Group is ready to provide all Russian companies that work with satellite imagery data with high-quality domestic software», notes Valery Barinberg, SCANEX Deputy CEO.

More information on the SIP software one may learn from our webinar following the link.

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