Creating a stations network

The SCANEX network of stations consists of three reception centres in Moscow, Irkutsk and Magadan, each including two to four substations.

The geographical location of the centres ensures coverage for most of the territory of Russia and neighbouring countries, and the several stations in each centre ensure redundancy of the reception and provide for the settlement of any conflicts when working with several different spacecrafts at the same time.

The network is managed in real time by a common centre and does not require the presence of operators on site. Every day, the control centre compiles a general program (schedule) for the network. All subsequent operations are completely automated: schedule delivery to each station, data receipt, reporting, analysis, and archiving. The interaction is carried out via the Internet through file sharing. No special communication lines are required.

A network can also be custom designed. Creating a network of stations is a standard SCANEX offer that does not require additional development. It should be noted that a uniform (centralised) control can be created not only for identical stations, but also for complexes of different classes (for example, UniScan™ and Panda™).

To date, the data from satellites is received by a network of stations created by SCANEX for the Russian Ministries of Emergency, Natural Resources and Meteorology.