Moscow Marriott Grand Hotel will host the VIIth “Earth from Space” International Conference

04 July 2016
Earth from Space-2016
On December 1-2, 2016, Moscow Marriott Grand Hotel will host the VIIth “Earth from Space” International Conference organized by SCANEX Group and supported by “ROSCOSMOS” State Corporation for Space Activities. Over two days, participants will have the chance to hear many reports from leading experts representing various sectors and to discuss the practical application of Earth satellite data.

The Agriculture Section will bring together the representatives of agribusiness, governmental agencies, insurance companies, leading IT developers and satellite imagery operators. The participants will discuss the opportunities and prospects for enhancing agricultural productivity through modern satellite-based technologies.

The Operational Monitoring Section will tentatively comprise several subject clusters. The discussion of cutting edge methods and approaches to satellite imagery data and GIS applied in emergency forecast, prevention and response will be supplemented by presentations of government officials. They will focus on marine navigation, in particular, efficient technologies to assess ice condition, monitor vessel positioning and do route planning.

The Geoanalytics Section will be represented by leading global providers, integrators and users of geospatial data who will share their practices of geolocation and geoanalytics in navigation, logistics, geomarketing and monitoring of natural and social events.

The classical ways of creating and updating topography maps and non-navigational charts have evolved into the sector of high-tech map-making products and expert systems. This section will review the expertise in area management, economic assessment, monitoring of land condition, risk assessment, loss adjustment etc. The participants will also share the legal precedents involving expert reports and materials of remote sensing.

Another important objective to discuss efficient application of satellite imagery and GIS in asset and environmental management. In particular, IT support to major infrastructure projects, independent control of subsoil use, inventory and detecting illegal activities will be covered.

The Technology Section will address recent technology trends for receiving satellite imagery data and demonstrate the latest systems to process spatial information. It will have a strong focus on the ways to deliver information to end users. The Section will be represented by satellite operators, manufacturers and users of aerial imagery systems and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) as well as leading software developers and suppliers.

The conference participants will discuss the application of satellite imaging in different areas of ecology and environmental protection with the leading experts of Russia’s Academy of Sciences and specialized branches of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. They will focus on remote and geoinformation aspects of environmental assessment and monitoring the habitat of valuable animals and plants. Considerable attention will be given to the role of satellite monitoring in the exploration and development of the Russian Arctic.

The Education Section will be dedicated to personnel training in line with new formats of work, ever-changing complex technologies and rational use of space resources. The participants will discuss the issues of higher, secondary and additional professional education essential for creating a continuous learning system for specialists of space and related sectors.

You are welcome to participate in the Conference as attendees or presenters!

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