Image of the Week: Polistovsky and Rdeisky Reserves

29 September 2017
Image of the Week

On the image: Pskov Region, Novgorod Region, Russia

The image of the Bezhanitskiy and Loknyanskiy Districts of the Pskov Region, as well as the Holmskiy and Poddorskiy Districts of the Novgorod Region was received on September 25, 2017 from SPOT 7 satellite. The territory of the Polistovsky and Rdeisky reserves and Polisto, Russkoe, Rdeiskoe and other lakes can be seen on the image.

Polistovsky and Rdeisky reserves were organized in 1994 to preserve and study an array of sphagnum bogs in the southern taiga.

The territory of the Polistovsky Reserve includes the western part of the Polistovo-Lovatsky marsh system, the largest upland marsh system in Europe, consisting of 15 merged marshes. More than 20 large lakes and numerous rivers of the marsh system are part of the Polist and Lovat river basins, occupy a central place in the regulation of the hydrological regime of the Northwest region of the Russian Federation.

The marsh system of the Polistovsky Reserve is a unique, the largest natural filter in Europe. In the upper marsh there is a constant accumulation of organic matter. Various kinds of pollutants (radionuclides, heavy metals, chlororganics) are fixed by organic substances of the upper marsh and remain in the ground together with peat. Thus, on the "exit" from the swampy massif of the Polistovsky Reserve, practically distilled water remains, which then flows into the basins of the North-West region: Lake Ilmen, the Neva River and the Gulf of Finland.

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